N O R T H W E S T E R N    U N I V E R S I T Y    P A R A C O M B A T I V E S    J U - J U T S U 
Yellow Belt Examination

1. Ukemi 7 points
  Shoulder roll right & left  
  Aikido roll  
  Back fall and roll  
  Front dead fall  
  Two man obstacle right & left  
2. Tai Sabaki 50 points
  Basic Block and punishment  
  Back-fist Uraken  
  Kicking set  
  Combat cat-steps set  
  Tachi Waza basic throwing set  
3. Strangulation 12 points
  Demonstrate 3 "naked" chokes  
  Demonstrate three "clothing" cross wrist chokes  
  Demonstrate 4 "clothing" chokes  
4. Body Positioning 4 points

Demonstrate cat-step escape, combat cat-step, oblique step and oblique step deflection

5. Mugs and Rear Body Grabs 7 points

Demonstrate mugs 1-7 right side

6. Striking Forms 14 points
  Demonstrate 10 forms of striking  
  Demonstrate 4 forms of kicking  
7. Rapid Order Knife Defense 4 points
  Demonstrate blocks against face slash, side slash, backhand and stomach thrust (execute throw on last technique)  
8. Ground Controls 8 points
  Demonstrate ground controls 1 and 2  
  Demonstrate 6 more ground controls  
9. Kote Gaeshi 8 points
  Demonstrate Kote Gaeshi 1-8 right side  
10. Knife Defenses 6 points
  Demonstrate 1 defense against the following attacks:  
  Thoracic thrust  
  Face slash  
  Stomach thrust  
  Face slash backhand  
11. Two-Man Attack 2 points
  Defend against stomach thrust and overhead club attack  
12. Lapel Grabs 4 points
  Single-hand straight arm  
  Single-hand pull close  
  Double-hand straight arm  
  Double-hand pull close  
13. Formal Throws 8 points
  Demonstrate formal throws 1-8 right side  
14. Unknown Attacks 5 points
  1 lapel grab  
  1 wrist grab  
  1 mug/rear grab  
  2 punches  

  Maximum score: 139 points
  Passing score (80%): 111 points