N O R T H W E S T E R N    U N I V E R S I T Y    P A R A C O M B A T I V E S    J U - J U T S U 
First Brown Belt Examination

1. Ukemi 13 points
  Shoulder roll  
  Aikido roll  
  Back fall and roll  
  Two man obstacle roll  

Front dead fall

  Kote gaeshi free fall  
  Somersault (with & without hands)  
  Side separation fall  
2. Strikes 15 points
  Hand strikes (minimum of 11)  
  Foot strikes (minimum of 4)  
3. Strangulation 15 points
  Naked chokes (minimum of 7)  
  Clothing chokes (minimum of 8)  
4. Ground Controls 12 points
  Uki on back and stomach (minimum of 12)  
5. Formal Techniques 12 points
  1 formal kote gaeshi  
  1 formal kansetsu waza  
  Formal throws (5 right & 5 left) *  
6. Tai Sabaki 60 points
  3 sets *  
  Advanced serial throwing  
  Advanced tanjo  
  Offensive knife *  
7. Weapons Defenses 59 points
  O Waza techniques: 24 against right face slash, 6 against left face slash*  
  Knife Defenses: minimum of 35, at least 3 against each attack:  
     Face slash  
     Side slash  
     Stomach thrust  
     Carotid stab  
     Face cut backhand  
     Backhand to body  
     Backhand slash to lower leg  
     Throat thrust  
8. Wall Techniques 12 points
  Demonstrate 1 defense against each attack:  
     Stomach thrust  
     Carotid stab  
     Face slash  
     Face cut backhand  
     Throat thrust  
     Side slash  
     Rapid order: face slash, backhand, side slash, stomach thrust  
     Double-arm straight choke  
     Charging shoulder slam  
     Snap kick  
     Bent double-arm lapel grab  
9. Specialized Weapons Defenses 23 points
  Club Defenses: minimum of 18, at least 2 against each attack:  
     Rounhouse face strike  
     Backhand to face  
     Side strike  
     Backhand to body  
     Backhand to lower leg  
     Two-hand baseball swing to face with cane  
     Two-hand overhead swing to head with cane  
  Gun Defenses: minimum of 5, at least one against each attack:  
     Facing attacker, 5 feet or less  
     Facing attacker, gun at head  
     Facing attacker, gun at lower chest  
     Back to attacker, gun at head  
     Back to attacker, gun at lower back  
10. Kick Defenses 12 points
  3 defenses against front snap kick  
  3 defenses against roundhouse kick  
  2 defenses against side kick  
  2 defenses against foot stomps; tori on back and tori on stomach  
  2 defenses against football kicks; tori on back and on stomach  
11. Arm Bars 12 points
  Execute 12 arm bars in full waza form against any mid-line attack  
12. Seated Defenses 5 points
  Knife at throat from behind  
  Knife slash to face  
  Knife thrust to body  
  Overhead club  
  Double lapel grab  
13. Improvised Weapons 10 points
  Flexible Weapon defenses: 1 against each attack:  
     Overhead stab  
     Face slash  
     Stomach thrust  
     Double hand shove  
     Side kick  
  Impact Weapon defenses: 1 against each attack  
     Stomach thrust  
     Rushing roundhouse  
     Front snap kick  
     Rushing tackle  
14. Ju-Jo Magnum Defenses 10 points
  Use a variety of blocking, striking and finishing techniques: 1 against each attack:  
     Roundhouse punch  
     Rushing roundhouse  
     Lapel grab with one hand, punch with other hand  
     Front snap kick  
     Overhead stab  
     Face slash backhand  
     Side slash  
     Thoracic thrust  
     Stomach thrust  
15. Counters and Reversals 10 points
  Demonstrate full technique: 2 from each category:  
     Leg throws  
     Foot sweeps  
     Reversals or sacrifices  
     Lifting throws  
     Joint locking  
16. Four-Man Attack 4 points
  Defend against rear grab around upper arms, face slash, overhead club, roundhouse punch  
17. Unknown Attacks 18 points
  4 defenses against rear mugs / body grabs  
  6 defenses against front body grabs; 2 defenses against each type:  
     Body grabs  
     Wrist grabs, while attacking with other hand  
     Lapel grabs, while attacking with other hand  
  8 defenses against punch, kick or weapon attacks  
* Indicates techniques to be chosen by instructor(s) during test  

  Maximum score: 302 points
  Passing score (90%): 272 points