N O R T H W E S T E R N    U N I V E R S I T Y    P A R A C O M B A T I V E S    J U - J U T S U 
Second Brown Belt Examination

1. Tai Sabaki 30 points
  Basic serial throwing set  
  Single arm set  
  Long stick (5') improvised set  
2. Rear Offensive Techniques 20 points
  Demonstrate rear offensive techniques 1-10 right & left side from a roundhouse punch  
3. Wrist Grabs 10 points
  3 single-hand to tori's right hand  
  3 single-hand to tori's left hand  
  2 cross-wrist  
  2 double-hand on one wrist  
4. Lapel Grabs 3 points
  Double-hand straight arm  
  Single-hand straight arm  
  Double-hand pull close  
5. Front Body Grabs 4 points
  Double-arm around neck  
  Double-arm around chest and arms  
  Double-arm under arms  
  Double-arm at waist pinning arms to side  
6. Mugs 40 points
  Demonstrate mugs 1-20 right & left side  
7. Kick Defenses 9 points
  5 defenses against front snap kick  
  2 defenses against roundhouse kick  
  1 defense against stomp with tori on stomach  
  1 defense against stomp with tori on back  
8. Overhand Catches 26 points
  Demonstrate all 13 overhand catches right & left side  
9. Ground Controls 10 points
  Demonstrate 10 ground controls  
10. Four-Man Attack 4 points
  Perform in less than 12 seconds defenses against stomach thrust, overhead club attack, roundhouse punch and mug #1  
11. Four-Man Attack with Cane 4 points
  Perform cane defenses against stomach thrust, overhead club, thoracic thrust and rear-waist-grab pinning arms to side  
12. Formal Throws 40 points
  Demonstrate formal throws 1-20 right & left side  
13. Unknown Attacks 16 points
  4 defenses from prone (kicks and mounts)  
  4 rear attacks (mugs/grabs or chokes)  
  8 front attacks (punch, kick, grab, rushing, any weapon)  

  Maximum score: 216 points
  Passing score (90%): 194 points