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Orange Belt Examination



1. Ukemi

8 points


Shoulder roll right & left



Aikido roll



Side Fall



Kote Gaeshi





2. Tai Sabaki

10 points


Beginner Curriculum Set





3. Striking Forms

10 points


Demonstrate heel-palm, seiken, knife edge, elbow, vertical fist, medial forearm and tiger mouth



Demonstrate front snap kick, side kick and foot stomp





4. Ground Controls

3 points


Demonstrate 3 ground controls





5. Strangulation

5 points


Demonstrate wolf-chain choke, L-shaped choke and figure-8 choke



Demonstrate two clothing chokes





6. Kansetsu Waza

2 point


Demonstrate formal Kansetsu Waza



 Demonstrate combat Kansetsu Waza





7. Body Grabs

2 points


Demonstrate defense from front body grab pinning arms to waist



Demonstrate defense from rear body grab pinning arms to waist





8. Lapel Grabs

2 points


Demonstrate defense from single-hand straight arm and double-hand straight arm lapel grabs





9. Weapon Defenses

5 points


Face slash with knife (shoulder throw)



Thoracic thrust (arm-bar theater throw)



Overhead stab (cat-step hair pull)



Stomach thrust (oblique step L-shaped choke)



Side Slash (shovel catch to koshi guruma)





10. Formal Throws

4 points


Demonstrate formal throws 1-4 right side





11. Ground Fighting

4 points


Escape from the mount with a control to complete



Escape from the guard with a control to complete





12. Unknown Attacks

4 points


1 lapel grab



1 body grab



2 punches






Maximum score:

59 points


Passing score (80%):

47 points






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