N O R T H W E S T E R N    U N I V E R S I T Y    P A R A C O M B A T I V E S    J U - J U T S U 
Green Belt Examination

1. Ukemi 8 points
  Kote free falll right & left  
  Somersault with & without hands  
  Side separation right & left  
2. Tai Sabaki 40 points
  Tachi waza basic throwing  
  Tachi waza advanced throwing  
  Kansetsu waza  
  Shime waza  
3. Blocking Forms 7 points
  Outside cross-body  
  Inside cross-body  
  Oblique popital catch  
  Oblique step deflection  
4. Strangulation 10 points
  Demonstrate 4 "naked" chokes  
  Demonstrate 6 "clothing" chokes  
5. Mugs and Rear Body Grabs 10 points

Demonstrate mugs 1- 10 right side

6. Kick Defenses 5 points
  Demonstrate five defenses from front snap kick  
7. Ground Controls 8 points
  Demonstrate 8 ground controls  
8. Rushing Attack Defenses 4 points
  Two forms of Uki Otoshi from right roundhouse punch  
  One form of Uki Waza from right roundhouse punch  
  One form of Harai Goshi from right roundhouse punch  
9. Front Body Grabs 3 points
  High neck embrace  
  Chest embrace pinning arms to side  
  Low embrace pinning arms to side  
10. Wall Technique Defenses 5 points
  Double-hand front choke  
  Right roundhouse punch  
  Overhead knife attack  
  Stomach thrust  
  Face slash  
11. Club Defenses 5 points
  Demonstrate 2 forms of popital catch from overhead attack  
  Demonstrate 2 defenses from side strike  
  Demonstrate overhead double-hand swing with the cane  
12. Striking Forms 17 points
  Demonstrate 11 forms of striking  
  Demonstrate 6 forms of kicking  
13. Kote Gaeshi 16 points
  Demonstrate Kote Gaeshi 1-8 right & left side  
14. Knife Defenses 14 points
  2 defenses against overhead stab  
  2 defenses against face slash  
  4 defenses from stomach thrust  
  2 defenses from face slash backhand  
  2 defenses from disembowelment  
  2 defenses from thoracic thrust  
15. Three -Man Attack 3 points
  Defend against face slash, overhead with club and Mug #1  
16. Formal Throws 15 points
  Demonstrate formal throws 1-15 right side  
17. Unknown Attacks 12 points
  4 front grabs (lapel, wrist, choke, or body)  
  2 mugs / rear body grabs  
  2 kick defenses  
  4 punches  

  Maximum score: 180 points
  Passing score (85%): 153 points