N O R T H W E S T E R N    U N I V E R S I T Y    P A R A C O M B A T I V E S    J U - J U T S U 
Mission & Vision
Dr. John J. Lewis established the ParaCombatives Martial Arts Institute at Northwestern University in 1977. This training and research institute was formed through the combined enlightenment and assistance of Northwestern University, and under the auspices of its major external consultant, Shinan Antonio Pereira, founder of the Miyama Ryu Ju-jutsu system. The institute was designed to scientifically study and advance the technology of self-defense through the following endeavors:

1) Structure a comprehensive training methodology utilizing defensive skills drawn from Classical Ju-jutsu, Miyama Ryu Ju-jutsu, and techniques practiced in less organized systems common to street fighting, in order to achieve an American system of self-defense relevant to contemporary urban violence;

2) Formulate systematic training approaches for female students which are responsive to the realities and function of female anatomy and prior experience in aggressive engagements against males;

3) Develop an Instructor’s training course designed to prepare and certify such participants for professional competence to teach self-defense, to include psychological preparedness; and,

4) Systematically record in text, computer and video formats this American system of self-defense to ensure that this training program is retrievable for further research and development, educational and planning purposes. Once completed, this system will be the first comprehensive repository available on the performance characteristics and methodology required to teach and study self-defense.