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Clips from Pete's Judo Class

Note: The following video clips are in QuickTime format (.mov). Comments submitted by Pete.

1. Escape from Kesa Gatame and Drill (6.9 MB)

First, a couple of fine points on applying Kesa Gatame. Notice that tori
places his knee under uki's head. Tori should put as much weight on uki's
chest as possible and still stay balanced. Above all, relax - it is much
easier to counter a hold-down when tori is stiff.

In this situation I illustrate one of the several ways to escape from Kesa
Gatame. Uki first makes a small space between himself and Tori. Then Uki
reaches over Tori's back and grabs the belt. Uki moves his head toward Tori
to get it out of the way, then bridges and turns.

The drill takes this escape one step further to also reinforce the proper
application of the technique. Uki performs the escape, then immediately
transitions into the pin to become tori.

2. O Uchi Gari demonstration (2.1 MB)

Tori is attacking with Osoto Gari, and uki is countering by stepping
obliquely away from the attack. Tori follows and continues attacking.
Doing this three times gives tori a feel for body movement and following uki
as he is trying to escape the attack. On the third Osoto Gari attack, tori
executes Ouchi Gari as uki tries to escape.

Note that Tori falls on top of Uki. One reason is that this prevents tori
from getting a foot to the groin. Another reason is that with any throw in
Judo you cannot be certain that your throw will score an Ippon (one point,
you win), so you should follow the uki to the ground to immediately apply
osae-komi waza (any hold-down technique).

3. Makikomi throw to pin (1.7 MB)

This video should be labeled Yoko Otoshi to Osae-komi Waza. I showed this
technique because it is not often practiced at the NU club (at least from
what I remember) and I felt it was a good illustration of taking your
opponent to the ground quickly and applying control. Kuzushi is generated
by grabbing your opponent's arm and pulling down sharply. Tori then grabs
uki's belt and executes Yoko Otoshi (side drop). Using the momentum from
the throw, tori continues over uki and applies a hold-down of his choice.

4. Pin from turtle position (14 MB)

I saw this pin at a seminar put on by Dr. Ashida, the highest ranking Judoka
in the USA. Although not practical in general for Jujutsu, it is very handy
in a Judo tournament. With uki in the 4-corners stance, tori lays on uki
and applies all of his weight to keep uki from getting up. In one
permutation of this move (shown in the video), tori places his right hand,
fingers in, between uki's left arm and leg to uki's right lapel and sticks
his knuckles to uki's chest. It is important not to get too close to uki's
neck because uki will become worried about a choke and stick his chin down.
[In Judo you can not crank you opponent's gi across his face while trying to
get a choke. If tori cannot see what he is doing then matte is called and
the contestants are stood up. If the tori can see what he is doing then
matte is called, the contestants are stood up and tori is penalized Shido.]
Tori's left elbow is placed snuggly against uki's right arm and pulls uki's
arm toward tori. Tori then moves his left arm into a half-Nelson. In one
quick movement, tori ducks his head under uki and rolls uki over, keeping
the grip on the lapel. Tori then shoots his right leg under his left and
turns over on his stomach, ratcheting in uki with the pin. It is important
that tori keep his hips on the ground during the turn and use as much torque
as possible to keep uki from escaping.

This pin can also be applied with a choke if tori inserts his right hand
between uki's head and left arm before grabbing the lapel. Of course, this
technique can be applied from both sides.

5. Uchi Mata combo (1.6 MB)

Uchi Mata is a very powerful throw but is almost impossible to get if you
don't have proper kuzushi. This combo technique is one way to illustrate
the proper positioning for Uchi Mata, and also allow uki and tori to
practice some multiple attacks and escapes.