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Club Library

The ParaCombatives library is intended as a collection of relevant martial arts materials-- books, manuals, videos, etc.-- for loan to active club members.

Former NU Ju-Jutsu club president Albert originally conceived this resource and contributed the first items. The library will hopefully continue to grow through club-funded purchases as well as through contributions from current and former students.

Currently, library items are only available for loan to club members holding the rank of Rokkyu (Orange Belt) or above. To check out an item from the library, send an email to library@nujujutsu.com or see a club officer before or after class. Items can be checked out until the end of the school year or until someone else requests them.


Title: Living The Martial Way
Author: Forrest E. Morgan, Maj. USAF
Medium: Book
Description: "A manual for the way a modern warrior should think"
Contributed by: Albert

Title: Jeet Kune Do
Author: Bruce Lee
Medium: Book
Description: "Bruce Lee's commentaries on the martial way"
Contributed by: Albert

Title: Hagakure - The Book of the Samurai
Author: Yamamoto Tsunemoto
Medium: Book
Description: "Hagakure is a manual for the samurai classes consisting of a series of short anecdotes and reflections that give both insight and instruction in the philosophy and code of behavior that foster the true spirit of Bushido-- the Way of the Warrior."
Contributed by: Albert

Title: The Book of Five Rings
Author: Miyamoto Musashi
Medium: Book
Description: "Miyamoto Musashi's teaching on the art of strategy in combat based on swordsmanship."
Contributed by: Albert

Title: The Ultimate Fighting Championship VIII - David vs. Goliath
Medium: VHS tape
Description: No-rules fighting... includes Kimo vs. Ken Shamrock superfight.
Contributed by: Albert


Other recommended reading & viewing:

Choke (VHS) - Documentary following the training and fights of three participants in the 1995 Vale Tudo Fighting Championship in Japan, featuring Rickson Gracie.

The Technology of Ju-Jutsu: Compendium of Techniques, Northwestern University Ju-jutsu Program,
Lewis, Dr. John, et al.; ParaCombatives Jujutsu, Evanston, IL, 1998

Combat Ju-Jutsu - The Lost Art: The Official Basic Textbook of the Miyama Ryu,
Rahming, DĄŻArcy; Modern Bu-Jutsu, Westmont, IL, 1991

Advanced Combat Ju-Jutsu ¨C Entrance to Secrets: The Official Textbook of Miyama Ryu Ju-jutsu,
Rahming, DĄŻArcy; Modern Bu-Jutsu, Westmont, IL, 1992

Secrets of Black Belt Combat Ju-Jutsu,
Rahming, DĄŻArcy; Modern Bu-Jutsu, Westmont, IL, 1996

Kodokan Judo,
Kano, Jigoro; Kodansha International, New York, 1956

Modern Bujutsu & Budo: The Martial Arts and Ways of Japan, Volume Three
Draeger, Donn F.; Weatherhill, New York, 1974

JapanĄŻs Ultimate Martial Art: Jujitsu Before 1882, The Classical Japanese Art of Self-Defense,
Craig, Darrell Max; Tuttle Company, Boston, MA, 1995

A Dictionary of the Martial Arts,
Frederic, Louis; Tuttle Company, Boston, MA, 1988

Sports Medecine for the Combat Arts,
Estwanik, Dr. Joseph; Boxergenics Press, Charlotte, NC, 1996

Secret Fighting Arts of the World,
Gilbey, John F.; Tuttle Company, Rutland, VT, 1963