N O R T H W E S T E R N    U N I V E R S I T Y    P A R A C O M B A T I V E S    J U - J U T S U 
Beginner Set

1, 2. Roundhouse punch L shape block to a wolf chain choke to Osoto gari to juji gatame ground control.
3, 4. Straight Punch Side step deflection to medial forearm to the head to L shape choke to throat throw back with leg insertion.
5, 6. Stomach thrust with knife Side step with pivot. Secure knife hand. Elbow to face with opposite arm. Kansetsu waza to take down to the ground with a shoulder ground control.
7, 8. Strong roundhouse punch Rear step L shape block to elbow strike to the mid-section, rapid turn into Ippon seoinage with a wrist control.
9, 10. Straight push to shoulder Secure uke's pushing arm with both hands, drop to inside knee driving uke into ground.